Founder and lead architect, Keith Kennedy, is a very reputable and talented architect. His career began in the beautiful and gorgeous Alpine setting of Innsbruck, Austria, gaining inspiration from the traditional old-world European buildings. Once Keith returned home from Europe, he began building his own successful architecture firm in Idaho Falls, Idaho—Keith T. Kennedy Architect. He has a tradition of design excellence and commendable customer service to his clients. Nathan Kennedy, Keith’s son, joined the firm in 2004. Nathan quickly proved his worth to the firm with his creativity and natural talent for design. The dynamic duo’s portfolio spans an incredible spectrum of projects.

Licensed in Idaho, Montana, Utah, and Wyoming and certified by the National Council of Architectural Registration Boards, the firm of Kennedy Architecture has produced designs for commercial structures ranging from a cookie house (not to be confused with a “cookie-cutter” house) to a powdered drink manufacturing facility; from an indoor riding arena and auction barn to assisted living centers and banking facilities; from zoo habitats for lions and tigers to restaurant and motel accommodations.

Summertime vacation homes have also formed a major portion of this firm’s portfolio. With world class trout fishing in every direction we are often called upon to create a serene home-away-from-home or an expansive luxury retreat on the banks of such rivers as the Henry’s Fork in Island Park, Idaho and the South Fork of the Snake River in Jackson Hole, Wyoming.

Kennedy Architecture is no stranger to custom designing forever homes for families of any size. The firm’s residential portfolio is just as extensive as its commercial one. Remodeling can be a challenge sometimes, but these architects are ready and skilled to attack any remodeling project no matter how big or small.

This father and son team treats their clients like family, taking into account every dream, every thought, and every wish that may be on the wish-list of the client’s dream home. They do this with a conscious effort to stay under budget and within reasonable timelines. They find the most capable and trustworthy contractors to execute the plans and work closely with them from the very first shovel full of dirt to the final walk through of the house or project. They make multiple visits to the site of construction making sure all is going well and quickly addresses any issue that may arise.

Kennedy Architecture understands community. The firm has been very generous in donating or discounting its services for community projects. The two most recent projects are the Snake River Animal Shelter, and the Idaho Falls Arts Council’s Artitorium on Broadway.

Kennedy Architecture is known for its clean and creative designs as well as its personable and friendly service. They take care of their clients by taking them through the process one step at a time; never leaving them behind or questioning their decisions. Their unique designs and style have clients returning to the firm for any and all of architectural needs. Let Kennedy Architecture assist you in building your next project—no matter the scale, it is the best firm in the West.

Keith Kennedy

Founding Architect

Born in Tennessee, but raised in Idaho Falls, Idaho, Keith is a family man. He is an avid lover of music, and a huge fan of the Beattes. When he is not bending over backwards for his clients, he can be seen practicing his guitar, volunteering at his church, or working on his model ship. Keith used to be a local celebrity when he toured the region with his band, The Affection Collection. He was a founding member of the popular band as their bass player. After graduating from Idaho Falls High School, Keith attended Montana State University. He joined the Sigma Nu Fraternity, and graduated with a degree in Architecture. Keith’s adventurous spirit took him across the water to Europe where he worked in Oberammergau, Germany and Innsbruck, Austria. After working as an architect in Innsbruck, he decided to move back to Idaho Falls. He married Margie Martin Kennedy, a former classmate of his and a well-loved teacher, and had two kids; Nathan and Erin. He worked for Sunberg and Associates as an architect before going out on his own creating Keith T. Kennedy Architect as a well-loved and well-respected architecture firm.

Nathan Kennedy


Nathan Kennedy is a native of Idaho Falls. He is a natural-born architect ready to take on any project. He is a graduate of Idaho Falls High School, and will soon finish his apprenticeship in Architecture through Montana State University. Nathan is also a family man. His wife, Erin Leigh, and he are the proud parents of two little twin boys who keep him on his toes. Nathan is no stranger to adventure. He earned his helicopter pilot license and is often spotted on the ski hill at Targhee as one of their ski patrol team. Nathan is quick-witted, and one of the funniest guys around. His creativity, personable and polite demeanor, and quick thinking skills are great for all working relationships. He takes his work to heart and works to deliver the very best for his clients.